Hints for Health

Practical things YOU can DO When You Feel Dizzy

#1 Don’t Assume

  • Dizziness can be debilitating! First and foremost you should realize that some dizziness can be treated! Do not assume that feeling dizzy is an inevitable part of aging! If you are dizzy, especially if you have never been dizzy before, talk to your doctor about treatment options.

#2 Mind Your Meds

    Simple Things You can DO when Facing Visual Impairment

    #1 The Facts

    • Low Vision is a visual impairment that cannot be corrected with glasses, contacts, medication, or surgery and interferes with every day activities. Sound Familiar?

    #2 Shed Some Light On It

      Simple Tips and Tricks To Help You Manage Your Meds

      #1 Be In the Know

      • Read the label ~ It is filled with great info!
      • Pay attention to warning stickers. They include important info like whether to take a med with or without food.
      • Expiration Date - Never keep meds that are expired. They may not be as effective... or they could even become toxic.

      Simple Things You can DO to Prevent Fatigue

      #1 In the Kitchen

      • Use sliding shelves or a lazy Susan in the back of cupboards for an easier reach.
      • Store pans and dishes you use most often near the stove at waist height.
      • Prepare simple meals... make extra for freezing and reheating.
      • Use a jar opener.
      • Wear an apron with pockets to carry around utensils and cleaning tools.
      • Rest after you eat (the dishes will wait).
      • Use paper plates and plastic utensils to cut down on dish washing.

      Simple Things You can DO to Promote Pressure Relief

      #1 Repositioning in Bed

      • Change position every 2 hours.
      • Use a trapeze bar if needed to change position.
      • If assisting, use bed linens to help lift or reposition which will help avoid friction.

      Simple Things You can DO to Prevent Fatigue

      #1 Floors

      • Remove or tack down small rugs.
      • Choose slip resistant rugs or add slip resistant barrier between
      • rug and floor.
      • If thresholds are uneven ask a handyman to assess and repair.

      Practical Things YOU can DO When You are Short of Breath

      #1 MMRC Dyspnea Scale:

      How to Explain the Level of Your Shortness of Breath

      Grade Description of Breathlessness
      0 I only get breathless with strenuous exercise.

      Simple Things You can DO to Take Care of Your Feet

      #1 What’s the Big Deal?

      • If you have poor circulation, nerve damage or loss of sensation, and/or trouble fighting infections, foot problems can be very serious! Once a problem starts, healing can be slow and difficult. Your best plan of attack is to prevent problems in the first place!

      #2 How?

      • Find a comfortable place to sit.

      Practical things YOU can DO to Create a No Fall Zone

      #1 Shoes

      • Choose low heels, rubber or non-skid soles that tie or close with Velcro®.
      • Check for wear and tear. Shoes with wear patterns or loose parts are
      • dangerous! If your shoes are worn... it is time to go shopping.

      30-Day Hospitalization Rate 6.7%.
      64% lower than the national average.