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Simple Things You can DO to Prevent Fatigue

#1 Floors

  • Remove or tack down small rugs.
  • Choose slip resistant rugs or add slip resistant barrier between
  • rug and floor.
  • If thresholds are uneven ask a handyman to assess and repair.
  • Clear any objects from exits, halls and pathway areas.

#2 Steps/Stairs

  • Make sure handrails are present and secure from top to bottom.
  • Keep steps and any coverings in good condition.
  • Make sure the surface on stairs is non-skid.
  • Ensure that steps are even... if uneven repair surface.
  • Never put items on steps (even temporarily)
  • Never wear slippers/flip flops on stairs.

#3 Phone

  • Make sure your phone is working so you can easily call for help.
  • Keep a phone by your bed.
  • Post emergency numbers by each phone.
  • Carry a cordless phone or cell phone in your pocket.

#4 Lighting

  • Make sure exits, halls and pathways are well lit.
  • Turn lights on before going through dark areas.
  • Use a night light for any dimly lit areas (halls, bedroom, bath).
  • Keep a flashlight by your bed and easy chair.
  • Make sure stairs are well lit at top AND bottom.
  • Keep a light by the bedside which can be turned on without getting out of bed.

#5 Bathroom

  • Purchase non-skid mats for bathtubs and showers.
  • Install grab bar in bathtub and showers.
  • Use a shower chair/transfer bench for bathing.
  • Utilize a raised toilet seat if getting up and down is difficult.
  • Install a handheld shower head.
  • Consider bedside commode if you often rush to the bathroom.

#6 Kitchen

  • Place everyday dishes and food at waist height.
  • Purchase a sturdy stool with handrail for reaching high shelves.
  • Tack down a non-slip absorbent mat at the sink area.

#7 Bedroom

  • Raise or lower bed to proper height for safe transfers.
  • Arrange furniture so there are open pathways to prevent tripping.
  • Obtain bedside commode if urgency is a problem.

#8 Exterior

  • Make sure there is an outside light and that it works.
  • Hire a handyman to fix steps if uneven or unstable.
  • Ensure that outside steps have a sturdy handrail.
  • Remove objects (pet food bowls, toys, newspapers, gardening tools, etc...) from sidewalks/steps/pathways.
  • Keep sidewalks in good repair. If surface is damaged or crumbling arrange for maintenance/smoothing.

#9 Interior

  • Install Smoke Detectors!
  • Check batteries in smoke detectors in when Daylight Savings Time begins and ends (Spring and Fall).
  • Keep your assistive equipment in good condition (canes, wheelchairs, walkers, etc...)
  • Set the water temperature on your hot water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less.
  • Place a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and near your hot water heater within easy reach.

30-Day Hospitalization Rate 6.7%.
64% lower than the national average.