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Wherein Winnie-the-Pooh Learns the Importance of Dieting

Our old friend Winnie-the-Pooh was ambling through the woods one day when he happened upon a hole in the ground. “Aha!” said Pooh. “If I know anything about anything, that hole means rabbit and rabbit means Company and Company means Food”. So down in the hole headed Pooh where he enjoyed a sumptuous meal with Rabbit. Upon leaving, Pooh became stuck in Rabbit’s hole and, struggle as he might, he could go neither up nor back down. He knew his middle had become too large but not THIS much too large. Along came Christopher Robin who advised what he must do. “We will have to wait for you to get thin again.” It took a very long week of fasting before Pooh was trim enough to leave the rabbit den but, in the end, he was better for it.

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30-Day Hospitalization Rate 6.7%.
64% lower than the national average.