Meet Lana Seale

August, 2012

Lana Seale, PT, is a physical therapist at Hill Country's Round Rock office. The Press caught up with her on the road.

Partners Press: How long have you been with Hill Country?

Lana Seal: Seven years. Before that I was with Genesis Homecare in Tyler, Texas.

PP: How long have you been a PT?

LS: Since 1978. Before I got into homecare I did acute care at hospitals, outpatient care in Houston at the Institute for Rehabilitation and Research (where they sent Gabrielle Giffords, the Arizona Senator, after she was shot—their specialties are brain and spinal cord injury), and a little bit of inpatient rehab in Tyler. But it's mostly been home health, the last twenty years or so.

PP: Do you have a specialty?

LS: Whatever they have. Home health is pretty general. Geriatrics is the main thing, but it isn't a special skill other than home health.

PP: How many patients do you see?

LS: The average is probably thirty a week. Some of the patients I evaluate and turn over to a physical therapy assistant, and then I see them for re-assessment. I carry a full case load, so a lot of the patients I might see two or three times a week for several weeks until their treatment is completed.

PP: What is the area you cover?

LS: South and southwest Austin, down to Dripping Springs and sometimes over to Lakeway, and sometimes southeast, like out to Cedar Creek on occasion.

PP: What do you like about home health?

LS: You get the one on one interaction with the patient, you get to provide individual treatments. You have a little more autonomy in your work.

PP: Are you from the Texas originally?

LS: I was born in La Mesa, Texas, which is in the panhandle. I've lived in a lot of different towns in Texas.

Lana Seale, PT

PP: Why have you lived in so many different Texas towns?

LS: It's too long of a story! I did go to UT in Austin for three years, so I like Austin. I like that area. I went to high school in Comfort, Texas, which is about forty-five minutes from Austin. I like the Hill Country.

PP: What do you like to do outside of work?

LS: I'm involved in a prison ministry, which I really enjoy. We do two different things: one is doing correspondence Bible-study with prisoners, so I send them a lesson and they fill it out, and I send them another one. The other part is called kairos, and that's where you actually go into the prison for three-and-a-half days and give them a retreat, like a Christian retreat, and basically share the love of Christ with them. I've been doing it two years. We go to the women's prison in Lockhart.

PP: Do you have children?

LS: I have two grown sons and one daughter-in-law. My older son Jacob is 29, and he's a district attorney in Tyler, Texas. He and his wife are expecting their first baby in September. Monty is 27 and graduated from West Point and owes the Army one more year. He's stationed in Chicago, teaching ROTC cadets at the University of Illinois. He's applying to medical school, hoping to get in and start next year.

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